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Dance Poster ages 14-18







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new poster Artful Youth 2018

**If you are interested in Visual Arts and want to participate , sign up at YAK or phone in and we can take your name and details. Ask for September.**


Upcoming Training available:

All courses are being held at YAK , email or call us for details.

*Babysitting Course ( 12 hours to complete) Afterschool-  This course is will teach you about your rights  and responsibilities when looking after children. A review of basic first aid and safety , handling emergencies and many other things will be covered.You will receive a certif

Next date to be announced.


YAK Wish List for 2018:

To all those who have helped us, thank you!

YAK could really use the following items:

-One or more hardy- three or more seater couches ( no smoke or pullout beds )

-We really need a new pool table! Ours is crooked and sad.

We would really love:

– two small comfy chairs for our Mental Wellness Corner

-Wii Dance dvds

-rolls of brown craft paper

-nice quilting squares for craft night

**If you are considering donating or buying items for us, a call  to the centre first on :(613)- 264-8381 would be appreciated, that way you will know if the item is still needed.



ewaste-recycling-logoYAK IS THE REGION’S E-WASTE DEPOT .Every TV, Stereo, computer, or other piece of electronics is traded in and the funds raised help to pay our Gas and Hydro bills all year round.  It may be a few wires and a monitor to you, but to us, it’s warmth, light, piece of mind and a steady income. THANK YOU!

Click here to see what’s new with YAK’s Ewaste Recycling Program



“Around here we don’t keep looking backwards for very long, we keep moving forward opening up new doors and doing new things because we are curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Walt Disney