E-Waste Shed Damaged AGAIN!

Good Monday morning all.
Today I have a sad story to tell you.
Friday evening, while we were attending the Stewart Park Festival selling Duck Race tickets, for the second time in two weeks, after the wonderful people from Tweed re built the doors, someone heartlessly broke into our Ewaste shed… again.
Just the day before this happened a kind concerned gentleman from the community came and fixed the lock for us as he understands the importance of the Ewaste program to The Centre.
YAK Collects Ewaste as a means to raise funds to assist with the cost of our utility bills.
People are stealing from the kids!
Without the money earned from the Ewaste collection we have to take money away from other highly requested and accessed programs we offer the youth who attend the centre.
What can you do to help?
Be vigilant! If you see anything that look suspicious as your passing by, PLEASE contact the OPP or Crime Stoppers!
If you’re dropping off Ewaste to be recycled PLEASE ensure you have properly wiped your devices of all personal information!
If anyone has any suggestions for us as to how to combat this constant issue Please feel free to contact our staff at anytime!

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