About Us

YAK is a charitable organization working to provide opportunities, support, resources, information, training and encouragement to youth in Perth and the surrounding rural area.

YAK serves youth 12-18, and up to 24 for some special programs. During the school year, we offer after school and employment readiness programs, healthy living and sport activities, homework help, healthy snacks, workshops, coffeehouses, movie nights and peer counselling. In the summer months, we run regular youth drop in hours during the weekdays and our annual duck race at the Stewart Park Festival.

YAK provides youth with valuable experiences of personal development, opportunities for spontaneous socialization, and exposure to the benefits of positive role models. Community youth come to the centre voluntarily creating stellar opportunities for youth engagement initiatives. Youth acceptance into our programs and activities is universal and non-conditional.

Over the past two decades, YAK has made a remarkable impact on the well being of local youth and the community of Perth and District. These accomplishments include a full roster of recreational and fun activities, after school programs, life skills and employment development, substance  abuse awareness and homeless youth support.