Afterschool Program

(September to June 2pm-7pm)


Physical Activity

Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

Daily nutritious snacks and meals

Diverse weekly menu

Cooking and gardening workshops

Coming together through food

Get Movin’ Program which encourages youth to engage in physical activity w/ their peers and includes PEGS, Noodle Wars, Basketball

Winter workshops such as Karate, Jujitsu, and Boxing through PAC

Managing Powerful Emotions

Mind Over Matter

Life Skills 101 – Self-Care Edition

Stable Thinking

Benefits: Provide youth with hope and safe space, contribute to youth engagement, building community, self-harm reduction, and therapeutic healing and counselling

Education and Recreation

Recreational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Paintball, Mont Cascade, Pool Tournaments, Coffee House, Movie Nights, Pride event

Perth Outfitters: Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding

Stewart Park: Picnics, walks, games

Workshops: Pool, Mental Health First Aid, Soap making, Poetry, Essential Oil Bracelets, Ukulele, Sewing, Knitting, Drug Strategy

Weekly: Dungeon & Dragons, and Be in the Band Program

Face painting, Selling Duck Race tickets, YAK information booths, E-Waste, Smile Cookies, Movie nights, Coffee House, and other YAK hosted events

Benefits: Stimulating learning environment, gaining practical skills, expression of identity, provision of appropriate mentorship, and a safe space for youth to engage in.

Employment Readiness

Life Skills 101 – basic skills workshops such as resume building, finances, goal setting, productivity, organization, and constructive criticism

First Jobs Program – employment related training such as WHMIS, Food Safety, customer service, teamwork, coding, and leadership

YAK Kitchen – working with staff in kitchen to gain skills in teamwork, following recipes, food and equipment safety, and working in a kitchen

Co-op/Placement Students – taking in co-op and summer students to help them gain work experience and become a part of the YAK community

Benefits: Improving well-being and social responsibility, increase job related skills in youth service sector, and provide jobs and civic engagement


We host and attend a multitude of events for recreational and fundraising purposes, including: Stewart Park Festival, Perth Rib and Music Fest, Garlic Fest, Perth Fair, Terry Fox Run, YAK Orientation Dinner, Theatre, Santa Claus Parade, March Break Kick-Off Dance, Community Yard Sale, and YAK End of Year Party

Benefits: Create a sense of belonging and community attachment