YAK is responsive to the changing needs of our youth and our community.

Mission Statement:

YAK is committed to promoting and facilitating youth attachment to society and community, increasing developmental opportunities for youth and promoting their well being, ameliorating risk-factors and providing protective conditions for youth “at risk” and promoting public awareness of youth issues.

Value Statement:

In its pursuit to improve the quality of life through the causes it serves, YAK is guided by the highest moral and ethical standards.


  • To operate with integrity, honesty, truthfulness and conscience.                              IMG_3155
  • To safeguard the public trust.
  • To demonstrate concern for the interest of those affected by its actions.
  • Treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • Value privacy and freedom of choice.
  • Foster cultural diversity and equality.
  • Adhere to the spirit and letter of applicable laws and regulation.


  • To create a wide range of developmental opportunities for youth of Perth and District.
  • To provide youth with skills and abilities to succeed in life.
  • To provide a safe, supportive and fun environment for our youth.
  • To establish a permanent facility for the youth in Perth.


  • To increase youth “attachment” to the centre and the community.yak-7
  • To provide opportunities for isolated youth to get involved in community activities.
  • To reduce negative and risk behaviour of our youth.
  • To provide mentoring and tutoring for youth to develop marketable and social skills.
  • To provide support to youth in distress and referral service to appropriate agencies.
  • To promote public awareness of youth issues and needs.