At YAK Youth Services, we help young people to identify and begin pursuing their future career goals, while equipping them with the practical skills and knowledge they’ll need to excel in the work world. That’s why, in addition to our recreational programs and activities, we also offer a wide range of vocational workshops designed to prepare youth for entering the job market. In the past, our offerings have included:

Life Skills 101 – This program provides youth with a solid foundation of basic life skills, such as resume building, financial literacy, goal setting, staying organized, maximizing productivity, and learning how to handle constructive criticism.

First Jobs Program –This comprehensive employment training program equips participants with a diverse range of skills that are essential across a variety of different occupations. Topics include the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), food preparation safety, and principles of customer service, teamwork, and leadership.

YAK Kitchen –Geared towards the culinary arts, this course provides youth with direct, hands-on experience working with professional kitchen staff. Participants will learn about teamwork, following recipes, and industry safety standards related to food prep and operating kitchen equipment.

Please note that these workshops are offered on a “by demand” basis. If you would like to take one of these courses, please be sure to express your interest to our Program Coordinator at (613) 264-8381 or via email at