The move to 1881 Rogers Rd. also brought with it opportunity for us to strengthen partnerships and assisted us in beginning the creation of a one-stop-shop for local youth. We made the move with our partner Lanark County Community Justice, and we both moved in with the building’s existing users/organizations: Fire Services/ Firedawgs, 4 Bay Fitness, and the Table CFC. Throughout the year we also encouraged groups to come and use the centre. Groups that used the centre this past year include: Community Living, Girl Guides Canada, the Canadian Federation University of Women (CFUW), Open Doors, Perth and District Community Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters. We also have a satellite Perth Library Teen section available for youth to read/borrow; and a free food kiosk for any community members to come and anonymously take food as needed.

Queer Connection Lanark have joined us to offer weekly office hours for youth and parents every Thursday. And Open Doors for Lanark Children and Youth are now booking individual and group counselling sessions here at the Hub every other Tuesday.

As per our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, we will continue to create a central Child and Youth Service’s Space in Perth. Other jurisdictions have proven success with this approach; it has been shown to be extremely helpful in supporting youth as they transition into adulthood. We have recently secured funding with Ontario Trillium Foundation for the next two years to strengthen and build on the hub framework and increase the number of user groups.

If you are interested in booking space or want to come for a tour to see what we can offer or how we can work together- please email with all interests.

Community Letters of Support for YYS to collaborate and create this central services space at 1881 Rogers Rd.:

The Table, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lanark County Community Justice, Open Doors, PDCF