E-waste is now being managed by the Perth Children’s House – Montessori School at 1 Sherbrooke St. E. (South end of the building). The same drop off point.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) contains a range of hazardous material; if these items are sent to the landfill the toxic substances found within them will negatively affect and contaminate the environment. At our old location on Sherbrooke St.E in Perth, the bin accepts E-Waste 24/7 and ensures its’ proper disposal. By bringing your E-Waste to 1 Sherbrooke St. E., you not only help save the environment; you also help a local charity.

ACCEPTABLE: TVs (and remote controls), & Computers (monitors, printers, laptops).

NOT ACCEPTABLE: Batteries, Coffee Makers, Microwaves, Fridges, Toasters, Vacuums, Air conditioners or Water Coolers.

Please note: if it came from your kitchen, we can’t recycle it through this program.

For questions or more information please call: (613) 267-5199