Electronic Waste (E-Waste) contains a range of hazardous material; if these items are sent to the landfill the toxic substances found within them will negatively affect and contaminate the environment. At our headquarters on Sherbrooke St.E in Perth, we accept E-Waste and ensure it’s proper disposal. By bringing your E-Waste to us, you not only help save the environment; you also help us with our heat and hydro costs. With every full bin, we are able to sell them to Redi-Recycling and return a small profit.

YAK accepts Electronic Waste 24/7 please place items in the black bin outside our main office at 1 Sherbrooke St. E.

We ACCEPT: TVs (and remote controls), & Computers (monitors, printers, laptops).

We DO NOT ACCEPT: Batteries, Coffee Makers, Microwaves, Fridges, Toasters, Vacuums, Air conditioners or Water Coolers.

If it came from your kitchen, we can’t recycle it through this program.